This course is based on Unani (Arab Greco) Medicine, and we have made it clear that it is not purely Islamic medicine. The roots of Greek medicine are naturopathic. And then much of it was applied with Sunnah health, food balancing and neutralizing. So it is now a mixture of both, based on Ibn Sina's work.

That is why we have kept the Unani theories separate to the Sunnah Medicine in this course. Unani medicine is not Prophetic medicine. We have focussed on both subjects separately, although both are intricately interconnected. Consider it in the context of how Chinese Wet Cupping is closely related to Hijama Wet Cupping. They are essentially the same practical procedure. But have different backgrounds, based on the Sunnah and Chinese Philosophies.

I hope this clarifies any confusion for you all. If you have any questions, please leave comments below or email us [email protected].



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