Digital Book: Science-Based Islamic Fasting

Learn About The Scientific Health Benefits of Islamic Fasting

A lot of Muslims fast in Ramadan purely for spiritual reasons, being unaware of the immense health and physical benefits that this blessed command brings. This digital book will give you more of an understanding of the science and hikmah (wisdom) behind fasting so you can be more mindful, inspired and motivated by it whilst you are carrying out our duty of fasting as a Muslim.

For example, a lot of people don't fast in Ramadan due to their medications. However, they do not realise the irony of their situation; they are not fasting because of something that is situationally unhealthy for them, whilst fasting is what is more healthy for them. Pharmaceutical medicine is not healthy for you, whereas fasting is scientifically proven to be exactly that. This just goes to show how important it is to have the understanding of the effects on our health fasting has so we can take more pride in it and complete it with ihsaan (excellence).

Very common health problems that you have or someone that you may know has are covered in this book, such as diabetes and cancer. It is not well-known that fasting can help against these diseases to a very significant degree, but it is scientifically proven, and explored in this book.

With this book, you will hopefully come across a disease or a condition that you have or someone you may know has, and may go away with the knowledge to make that problem go away from your/their life, with the permission of Allah.

Course curriculum:

Chapter 1 - What is Islamic Fasting?

You will learn what exactly is Islamic fasting, who has to fast, who is exempted, the perspective of The Quran and the spirituality of it.

Chapter 2 - Health Benefits of Fasting

You will learn about the different benefits fasting has upon your health and how it can help you against certain diseases, like diabetes and cancer.

Chapter 3 - Scientific Benefits of Fasting

You will learn what effects fasting has on your body and mindset.

Chapter 4 - The Best Ways to Spend Your Day Fasting

This chapter touches upon the spiritual side of fasting and what are the best things to do during a day in Ramadan or any other day of fasting.

Chapter 5 - Science of Suhoor

You will learn what suhoor is and the significance of it upon your body and in the religion.

Chapter 6 - Best Foods to Eat During Suhoor

This chapter covers some of the best foods to have during suhoor to ensure an easier day of fasting.

Chapter 7 - Science of Iftaar

You will learn what iftaar is, the spiritual aspect of it and what effect is has on your body.

Chapter 8 - Best Foods to Eat During Iftaar

This chapter covers what foods are best to eat at iftaar and what is the best way to have iftaar.

Chapter 9 - Hadith on Eating

A hadith on the best way to eat in general.

Chapter 10 - Voluntary Fasting

This chapter covers the many other ways of fasting and how they can benefit your health throughout the year.

You can download this digital book and either print it out or go though it with your device.

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